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Friday, July 18, 2008

Wedding reviews from my wedding

Ceremony Site- Mansion View A++
It was awesome! we had the guests sit on the front lawn and the wedding party was up on the front steps to the house. It was so beautiful. A great perk... the house was such a nice backdrop as it was and there's gardens around the front.. that we saved a lot of money on flowers and decorations for the ceremony site. They provided rooms for both the guys and girls to get ready, and you have full use of the whole house while you are there. After the ceremony was over, we had a refreshment hour inside the mansion with ice tea, lemonade, cheese and crackers, veggies and dip, finger sandwiches, and homemade cookies (4 different kinds; 1 was my grandmothers recipe, 1 was my husand's mom's recipe (his mom passed away when he was a child), and the other 2 were his and my favorite cookies). we brought in a cd with big band music and they played it for us for the whole time =) (I had a vintage themed wedding) and it really set the mood for everyone. If you rent the mansion for a wedding, you can stay there for your wedding night for just $99!. can rent the lot out next door for parking

Reception Site -Cambridge Place A
The reception was beautiful, the food was great, the facility is clean, they set everything up for us and tore everything down for us. money saving tip- if you get chair covers, put them on yourselves instead of having them do it; forget the water glasses; and nominate some of your guests who have experiance cutting cakes, to cut the cake for you. A good perk here is you bring in your own alcohol so you can order from where ever you want, at whatever price you want to pay, and you have more control over how much you have and WHAT you have behind the bar! also, they have this arch thing around the cake table... it's not too bad i guess, but i didn't care for it. dont be afraid to ask them not to put it up!

Photographer - Roy Katalan A++++
He was so awesome! I have absolutly no complaints about him. Unfortunatly... he is no longer in Ohio..sorry!

DJ -Class Act by Bob Norris- A
We had Bob and he really kept things going at the reception. He made sure the events we wanted were running on time, and when we had a slight change in plans, he was so flexible and easy to work with. he also stayed to the big band theme that i wanted until dinner was over like i asked!

Flourist- Hafner's Flourist A++++
Wow! Kelly was amazing! My flowers came out sooo beautiful! She had some great ideas that i went with and absolutly loved. Her prices are sooo reasonable too! very creative and worked it out so that everything that we used at the ceremony site could be reused at the reception and saved us a ton of money! she took my ideas and what i wanted and went 5 steps further with it beyond anything that i could have imagined. She also will let you come in the dday before the wedding if you want to look at everything and making sure that its right.

Limo- Great Lakes Vintage Limo Company A++
We rented the 67 Rolls Royce and it was soo much fun just to get to ride in a car like that! they roll out a red carpet for you and after the ceremony, they had a bottle of champagne for us! got some great pictures with that car =) They were also very flexible. The car was there before the ceremony began and came around to the back of the house to pick me up, then we drove around the block and my dad and i were dropped off in the front of the house (that way i could get to the back of the aisle without anyone seeing me before hand!) Man... the pics of the car pulling up and my dad and i getting out for our entrance were just amazing

Dress- Gallippo's C
While the dress was beautiful... everything there is SOOO over priced. They didnt even make sure my dressed was cleaned and the beading was all on tight before they let me take it home after i paid it off. I took it to the lady who did my alterations and she found spots all over it, beads loose and falling off, and the ribbing in the corset was coming through on the inside (like a wire would on a bra, ouch!)

Bridesmaids Dresses - Davids A+
The dresses that i really wanted for my bridesmaids happened on be discontinued. but have no fear! they brought all my brides maids in, got them fitted, called around to all the davids in the US, found all the right sizes, and let us order them! we just had to pay the shipping fee, no biggie. Their dresses were originally $180...we got them for $29.99!

Alterations - Janes Perfect Fit A+++
Jane was wonderful! She made me feel like i was her only customer! I got to her kinda late in the planning stage and we had just a short time to get everything done and she made sure it was, even if it ment she stayed after work a little longer each day. she made sure everything i needed was finished 2 weeks before the wedding. and you can't beat her prices! she hemmed my dress, put together the bustle (there are 14 points to bustle it, so it was A LOT of work!), i got my slip from her, and my she revamped my mom's viel for me... all for $260!!!!!! I took my mom's viel and she cut it down to the size i wanted, took it off the head piece and put it on a clip with swarovski (spelling?) crystals around the edge. its so beautiful.

Other decor - Candle Light Occasions A+
They have some really nice decor..anywhere from arches to dance floor canopies, center pieces, etc etc etc all at a great price! you can get centerpieces with floral for just $12! we used their "crystal waterfall" centerpieces which are little craystal chandleirs (spelling?) with candles on every other table, then for the other tables, we rented their antique looking silver vases to put flowers in for our flourist.

Rehearsal Dinner- Easy Street Cafe A+
we were able to use the back room and they let up pick and put together our own menu. prices are good and the food is great! good atmosphere (stayed within my theme too! eally didn't mean for it too but it worked)

I cant think of anything else to review on since our cake was homemade and we hand made all our favors, made our own invitations, etc. Sorry it's so long but i know when i was planning my wedding...a lot of the help came from reading other's reviews



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