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Friday, August 25, 2006

Gallippo's Studio II
927 N Summit St Toledo, OH 43604 (419) 244-1812

I was very unhappy with the service. I do not have enough space to put my full complaint here and will try to keep it short. I ordered a dress and at there suggestion paid extra to have the dress made to length. After purchasing the dress i went to the manufacturers web site and found out they charged me more than the suggested retail price plus the extra $ for the made to length. The dress showed up and was at least 7 inches to long and 2 sizes to big. They did not want to return the dress and wanted to charge me to alter it. The finaly sent it back. I had to call every day for a week to get a answer from someone as to if and when the dress would show up. It finally showed up with less than a month before the wedding and was still not right. With no time left i took the dress and had someone else tailor it.


I personally have received wonderful service from Gallipos II downtown. My custom made gown and the gown for my mother are noting but stunning.


So......last Mon. I went to Gallipos and found BM dresses that my MOH and myself loved (picture in the bio). We later brought my other BM's into the store and they all agreed on the dress so we ordered it and paid in full. Keep in mind that my colors are hot pink and orange therefore we ordered the dress in hot pink. Not a problem, until today!!!! I went on the designers web page to look at the dress again bc I'm excited and wanted to show my dad. Well....on the designers web page it says that it's not available in hot pink (only in a very light tulip pink color). So, I called Gallipos and told them that the dress isnt available in the color I ordered (you would think they would know this considering that THEY are the dress store). Anyways, I got some run around about how they didnt know???!!!! And they were going to order the dress in tulip knowing what my colors are!!! What a disaster that would have been!! So now I'm back to square one and have to get in the store first thing in the morning to pick out a comparable dress price wise since they are all paid off!!!!!!!

I know this is a long post but I really needed to vent!!! I'm sure that this is just a once in a lifetime mistake on their part but it helps to give everyone a heads up.


I had nothing but problems with them for my friend's wedding. Be sure to ask what size they ordered the BMs dresses. They ordered my dress WAY to small, and another girls was way too big. I know BM and Bridal gowns are different sizing compared to street clothes, but I could have told her the size she ordered was never going to fit.

I ended up paying over $150 to get the stuipd thing altered.

Oh and since my dress didn't fit when it came in (shocker) they tried to blame me for gaining weight! I said no way, I'm wearing the same jeans I did when I came in for my fitting. If I gained that much weight, the pants wouldn't fit!


Last fall when myself and another knottie were looking for our dresses we stopped there and there were about 3-4 people behind the counter if I remember. They saw 4 women walk in the door, but didnt say hello even. We looked around for about 5 minutes and without getting any attention whatsoever we decided they didnt want our business. Personally, if I saw four women walk through the door, I'd say hello and ask them what they are looking for.

I also went there to try on a bm dress that no one else in town had-i had no intention to buy there b/c of our previous experience with them. I went in found the dress, tried it on-all without anyone knowing I was there, there was no one in their front room at all-they were all in the back!

Pathetic if you ask me!


One of the biggest problems I see is that if you are on a budget and are not planning on spending much on the gown David's Bridal, House of Hilton, the rest of them...are fine. But if you want a high end gown there is no place other than Gallipos in Toledo as far as I can tell to get one. As far as I know they are the only ones in Toledo that deal in Vera Wang and Valentina, Watters and Watters, etc.


I was in my friends wedding, and the bridesmaid dress and the brides gown all came from Gallipos.

I don't care if they sell high end gowns or now, I would take my happy toes down to Columbus to buy an expensive gown over Gallipos.


.I have had zero trouble with this vendor. In fact I have lost 42 pouns since I bought the dress and the alterations are flawless. The dress started at an 18 an is now a 10. It was in on time and looks perfect

And I don't live in Ohio, it is just where I found the dress of my dreams when I was visiting family in Toledo at Christmas. So Columbus was out of the questions.


I had the same thing problem happen to me! :) Went in there to try on a BM dress for a friend's wedding but no sales help was to be found. My sis was with and we joked about how we could rob the place blind if we wanted too.

I found the dress myself, tried it on and I would have bought it/order it IF they're had been anyone out to help. While I was trying the dress on Sis went in the back to see if everything was OK and apparently, the girls "were on lunch" and would be out in a "minute". Ha! Yeah, right!

We left about debating about 2 minutes if I should even get the dress there.


So I went to gallippos found the dress I loved olivia was wonderful. Then I went to other bridal shops in town and the last store ,House of Hilton, Had a dress I loved. I went back to both places and it turns out it was the same dress, different colors. Gallippos it cost 1150 and house of Hilton 899 Interesting. (same designer)


I have been a bm 13 times. Of all the weddings I have been in, this April was the first to which the bride chose to order the dresses for the 3 of us bm's and herself from Gallippo's. (In past weddings, the dresses have been purchased from House of Hilton in Toledo and Bridal and Formal (?) in Cinci.) Because I live in Chicago, I had my measurements done here. The other two bm's and the bride had their dress measurements done at Gallippo's. When the bm dresses finally arrived in February, all 3 were TOO SMALL. Now, I understand when the dresses are too big...that has always happened to my size 2 self. The 3 of us bm's called and Gallippo's wanted only to have us pay to have the dresses altered. I can't think of her name..but the manager told us it was b/c we all had big rib cages. She asked us all if we worked out. She said it was b/c we did that our rib cages are just bigger. I called a store that carried the dresses here in Chicago and they gave me the manufacturer's phone #. I called the manufacturer and they said that they couldn't deal directly with the customer (me) but with Gallippo's. They said it was most likely a manufacturing default b/c the dresses were made with several horizontal stripping pieces of material...most likely the pieces were in the wrong place. The owner said she would absolutly not take the dresses back and that there was nothing wrong with the dresses...just our rib cages (to which I would have had to have removed if I wanted to fit in this dress). The manufacturer told me they couldn't do anything for me...only with Gallippo's. B/c we were on a time constraint, we all had our dresses re-made (horizontal stripes moved around).

The bride had her dress custom made and when it arrived the week before her wedding it was 4 inches too small. The owner told my friend to wear flat shoes (mind you, her fiance was 6'4" tall). The bride insisted that material be over-nighted and it finally was the week of her wedding.

The wedding day was wonderful. One of the bm's straps to her altered dress (she had hers altered by Gallippo's...I did not) broke off after the ceremony. The second strap later broke off on the dance floor.

Good luck to anyone shopping at Gallippo's.


I got my dress at Gallipo's... and I absolutely LOVE the ladies there and the great service I've gotten from Day 1.


I had a horrible time at Gallippos, I thought they were very rude and all the girls seemed very young and inexperienced. I would never go back there.

I think no matter where you go though you can end up having a bad experience, it just depends on who is working that day.


I had a great experience at Gallippo's. They by far have the largest number of dresses of the Toledo bridal shops and they let me try on dresses for at least 2 hours--I thought they went above and beyond. iI think the owner's daughter was my sales person. My friend had a bad experience with their alterations though, so don't get your dress altered there. When you make your appointment, request the big dressing room! I think it's worth the trip.


Ok so wow. I just got back from Gallipos, and let me tell you, NEVER GO THERE. They didn't have the style of the dress I wanted to see, so we went to look at the swatches, and the whole time the manager was being completely rude. As soon as she walked out she asked if we wanted to see swatches so we could buy online. Now even tho I had said I didn't want to buy in the store, my mom said that she was perfectly willing to order them there (my sisters are 2 of my maids) so she first off lost the sale of those two dresses. Now while she was going on and on about us buying online and how all the stores are going out of business and we're trying to convince her I want to make sure I have a color that is the same that I had originally wanted b/c I brought the fabric swatch. She then proceeds to dis my mom b/c she said that the quality of the dress my mom would make wouldn't be any good. Woah, this lady is the reason the store isn't getting business, not the internet. She most definitely lost my business. When I walked in before she came out I saw a little headpiece I really liked that wasn' t a bad price, but no way was I buying it after that. My mom had also wanted to look at MOB dresses, but we didn't do that either. My 2 younger sisters were w/ me, who would obviously be getting married in the next few years whose business she could have gotten. humble opinion is that she needs an attitude adjustment badly. I'm sorry this is so long, but I am just furiuos that she could treat us like that. I highly recommend no one ever steps foot into that store.



At 9:33 AM, September 29, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know how people could possibly complain about the service at Gallipos. I thought the service was wonderful. I looked in multiple stores in 3 states before making it to Gallipos, and the service at Gallipos was on par with, or better than, service at any other store. I had tried on at least 80 dresses before going to Gallipos (no joke), many of which I really liked. It wasn't until I went to Gallipos that I found the perfect dress and it had been pulled by the employee helping me (and I had 3 friends and my mother there pulling dresses too). The only downfall is that they don't allow pictures, which a lot of places don't. A little hint to anyone dress shopping anywhere... make an appointment. Most places require them so clients get their full attention and they know who is going to be there when. I was actually 15 min late to my first appt at Gallipos and I still got great service.

At 2:16 PM, January 17, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bridal Dress shopping should be a fun and joyful time! At Gallippo's it was ridiculous...they were impolite, negative, and angry. I called to set up appt. letting them know we were coming from an hour and a half away. I let them know right away I already had my dress but I had every intention of possibly finding/buying TEN bridesmaid dresses and BOTH mothers dresses. First there was a $25 fee per bridesmaid to TRY ON dresses. I had 7 girls and both mothers with me. They chipped in so one girl could try dresses on. The entire time we were ignored and cast aside (i think mainly because I already had my dress). We had the bridesmaid try on ONE silly dress because that's what its about-having a good time and not being stressed. The owner marched in the dressing room (all of the employees did without knocking several times) and yelled at the bridesmaid, saying that we were wasting all of their time and other brides were waiting (which no one was). We paid $25 so why couldn't we try on all the dresses we wanted...I wanted to make the right choice! Before we left my mom asked for the manager's name and the number to call because she wanted to tell them how badly we were treated. The owner, who she was talking to, basically started screaming at my mom telling her how awful we had been and wasted the stores time and told us to "GET OUT, we don't want your business anyways" I don't know who turns down business in this economy but she obviously didn't care. I wish I had read reviews before I went. I wouldn't have wasted my money and gas driving up there. DO NOT GO TO GALLIPPO'S.

At 8:56 AM, February 09, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i was planning on going there ina couple of days but after all the negative reviews thanx but no thanx there is millions of boutiqes that i'm sure will appreciate my business for my special occasion.

At 2:07 PM, August 06, 2011, Anonymous Shannon H said...

I bought my dress from Gallippo's and had an amazing experience. The staff was very helpful and friendly. They treated me like a princess. After saying yes to my dress, they suggested veils, shoes, and other accessories to compliment my dress. I would recommend them to anyone.


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