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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Vendor Reviews

Tamaron Country Club: A+

The food was excellent and everyone was raving about it all night long. Kelly the reception manager went out of her way to accommodate any requests we had. She made sure our candy buffet was kept full, she made sure all the vendors set up things up exactly how I had wanted, she even let us borrow a golf cart and take pictures on the golf course. The wait staff was very friendly and helpful. When my husband and I sat down at our table a waitress brought over a plate of hors d’oureves for us. Mandy helped with the bulk of our planning and I couldn’t have pulled this off without her. She made me feel like I was the only bride she was working with.

Toledo Museum of Art – Green Room: A

Lorrie is the new special events coordinator and she is so sweet. I really enjoyed working with her. She attended the rehearsal and went though what would happen the next day. She made sure all the vendors knew what time to arrive and where to set up. Lorrie also helped the girls out telling them when to walk down the aisle. For the most part everything went smoothly, there was a bit of confusion once the ceremony started but everything worked out in the end. Most of the confusion can be blamed on my Grandma, Aunt, and Uncle who all decided to show up late, I was going to go ahead without them, but they showed up right before the girls were going to go down the aisle.

Rev. Hope Mary Nagley: A+

Hope is so full of energy and spunk! She is just amazing, I can’t say enough good things about her. She kept the rehearsal running smoothly and same with the wedding day. The ceremony we picked out was beautiful. I love how she lets you pick out everything for the ceremony. She will send you packages to go though and pick out vows, readings, ect. If you don’t find anything you like she just keeps sending more things until you find the perfect one. She did an excellent job.

Emery’s Flowers and Company: A+

Ken is fantastic! I knew from our first meeting he was going to do amazing things for us. We really clicked and he helped make the ideas I had even better. Our flowers turned out better than I could have imagined. We used Gerbera Daisy’s and Rose’s for almost all of the flowers. Ken did an excellent job with the ceremony decorations (potted mums). I also gave him pictures of pumpkin ideas I had with branches and lights, they came out awesome. We received so many compliments on our flowers. Our centerpieces were medium sized pumpkins with roses and gerbera daisy’s.

Candlelight Occasions: A

They did everything that I asked and all the decorations came out great. They did an amazing job with the palladium windows and garden arch at the Museum. They really transformed the room into something special. At Tamaron they originally set up panels in the wrong spot but Kelly saved the day and knew where they were supposed to go so the error was fixed long before the reception started.

Thrush’s: A+

They decorated the cake exactly how we asked. All the flavors were wonderful according to our guests. The icing was a bit thick. The piece of cake we cut was nothing but icing!

Millennius String Quartet: A+

Virgil has been wonderful to work with. We did most of our communicating via e-mail. I was able to choose all the songs that I wanted for the ceremony. They arrived on time and sounded wonderful. If you’re on the fence about a string quartet, go for it, it is so worth the money. I am so glad we went with Millennius.

Everlasting Images: A+

From what we’ve seen so far the pictures are amazing! I love how they set up a slideshow at the reception! We had Sam, Nichole, and one of Sam’s cousin’s shoot our wedding. Nichole was at the Beauty Bar on time and took tons of pictures. They have a lot of great ideas so just go with the flow. I thought a few poses were a bit odd but after I saw them on the slideshow, they were unbelievable! They kept everything moving after the ceremony and we were done with pictures in record time. My husband and I even had extra time to head downtown with them to take pictures before the reception.

Beauty Bar: A+

Everyone’s hair and make-up turned out great. Samantha found enough girls to open the salon early for us at 9:30! All of our appointments started at 10 and we were out by 12:15! We were ahead of schedule. Tina and Devin did my hair and make-up. Everything was excellent.

After Hours: A

What’s a wedding without a Tux that is the wrong size? Everyone’s was fine except for my husband’s. His tux jacket was two sizes too big. The girl managed to rush order him a new jacket and it arrived the next day. Thankfully they insist on you trying the tux on two days before the event. In the end everything was fine.

Belamere-Suites: A+

Perfect wedding night accommodations! The bed was so huge and so comfortable. Our room had candles light and rose petals in the shape of a heart on our bed when we arrived. The Jacuzzi tub was the best thing ever. It was great to relax in the Jacuzzi after a long day. I love the private garage too, no need to worry about emptying your car of anything. We just took things out of the car as we needed them. We will definitely stay here again!


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