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Thursday, April 03, 2008


The DJ that we were planning on having turned out to be a real jerk. He was friends of my sister's friend that I know real well. He Dj-ed her wedding last year & did a great job I guess (according to my sister). So I started calling him like over 2 months ago. The first time, he seemed all cheerful. He said that he would send us the song list & contract within two days..he never did. I waited 2 or so weeks..called again. He said that he would email the contract & song list the next morning..never did. I called him a third time, he didn't answer. I left my name, email address, phone number, & I think my first born. Nope...didn't call back or email. I called him yesterday & he again said that he was "very busy". No apology or anything. He asked me "What's your date again by the way?" I told him & he said that he would be in LA that weekend. He didn't really say anything after that (I was silent & gave him a chance to say something). Then I said, "Maybe it would have been nice if you could have told me that one of the other many times that I called you?" He didn't really say anything to that either. I pretty much ended it there. So if you are looking for a DJ in the Toledo area DO NOT USE a man who is named Maurice & goes by DJ REESE!! He also works for a tv station somewhere. I repeat, he is a very unprofessional person who does not keep to his word!

I'm not to stressed out about the whole DJ ordeal, I know that its not the biggest deal in the world & I am pretty sure that I have someone else lined up. In case you are wondering why I stuck to this guy so long..he was offering a very cheap price & I figured that he would do me right since he was a friend of a close friend of my sister's.

I just wanted to save some brides some stress out there because I know that I was very disappointed with the whole ordeal & his unprofessionalism.


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