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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Davids bridal
5162 Monroe St Toledo, OH 43623 (419) 841-1000

My dress was hemmed and the bustle was done here. Margerite did a wonderful job.


we bought dresses off the rack there for my sisters wedding and everything was fine. really nothing to it. but my advice to anyone ordering one from them....3 words, dont do it!


A I know some people have had problems with them but we had no problems what so ever. Are dresses came in on time and they were what we asked for. My bustle was perfect.


I worked with Jan and she was great. She suggested I try on the dress I eventually bought. I had no problems with them although I bought my dress off the rack.



At 4:58 PM, May 16, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't even think of going here. I made an appointment for my bridal gown. The woman brought me several off the rack to try. My appointment was at 3pm. It was after 4pm before I ever had the first gown on my body. She walked around the store and cleaned out the dressing room for a half an hour before even asking me what I'd like to try. When I wanted to try more gowns on, I asked if I could go choose more styles from my size on the rack. She told me that I couldn't and handed me their catalogue and told me to pick from there. I couldn't believe that I was standing in a store full of wedding gowns that she refused to let me look at. I really should have left at that point but I persisted. So I actually found a beautiful gown for me. I then chose jewelry, veil, tiara and all the details. It took almost 4 hours and I only tried on 4 gowns. It was truly an unbelieveably bad customer service experience. Now, I absolutely realized that this is a large chain operation. But it's the bridal business for gosh sake...don't they know who their customer base is for sure? Anyway, I found a wonderful LOCAL bridal salon, Gallippo's on Summit Street that gave me the most wonderful and personalized service. I had an appointment the day after the one at David's so I didn't make a decision about the David's gown until I went to Gallippo's. After such a GREAT experience at Gallippo's, there was NO way I was buying at David's Bridal. I bought a beautiful designer gown at Gallippo's for not that much more than what David's was going to charge me. Unfortunately, I had to use David's for my bridesmaids gowns because my girls were scattered throughout the east coast and midwest. Again, I went with my bridesmaids while they tried on gowns and we chose my colors and gowns. I will say that the woman who assisted us was GREAT in Toledo (I think her name is Janisha). The problem came in with the delivery and shipping. When we made the order we paid for shipping so that the bridesmaids gowns could be shipped to one of the bridesmaids who happened to live somewhere where there was not a David's Bridal Store. We were told that the gowns first come to the Toledo store and then have to be shipped to the customer from there. No problem. We gave them all the information. So then weeks later I get a call that the gowns are in and to come get them. Having remembered the nightmare of trying on my wedding gowns, I prepared myself for rudeness and incompetence. I was not disappointed. They had NO record of paying for shipping and no names or addresses. They insisted that we had not paid for shipping because they had no record of it. I called my bridesmaids and had them check their receipts. Sure enough the receipts had the shipping charges and shipping addresses. I called the store again and explained that I had the receipts. They argued with me again. Finally, someone admitted that they had a new shipping person who might be making a mistake and they would look into it. On day 3 of attempting to straighten this out, they called and again had no information. I went through the whole story again and then they said they would ship them for me to resolve the matter. I reminded them that we PAID for the shipping so they weren't doing me any favor. So finally the gowns were shipped. Bottom line, DO NOT GO TO DAVID'S BRIDAL in TOLEDO! Buy local! Just as a side note, my mother and other bridesmaids used the David's Bridal in Wilkes Barre to get their gowns and they had a good experience at least with trying them on and ordering.


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