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Friday, July 18, 2008

Gallipos Review

Ok so wow. I just got back from Gallipos, and let me tell you, NEVER GO THERE. They didn't have the style of the dress I wanted to see, so we went to look at the swatches, and the whole time the manager was being completely rude. As soon as she walked out she asked if we wanted to see swatches so we could buy online. Now even tho I had said I didn't want to buy in the store, my mom said that she was perfectly willing to order them there (my sisters are 2 of my maids) so she first off lost the sale of those two dresses. Now while she was going on and on about us buying online and how all the stores are going out of business and we're trying to convince her I want to make sure I have a color that is the same that I had originally wanted b/c I brought the fabric swatch. She then proceeds to dis my mom b/c she said that the quality of the dress my mom would make wouldn't be any good. Woah, this lady is the reason the store isn't getting business, not the internet. She most definitely lost my business. When I walked in before she came out I saw a little headpiece I really liked that wasn' t a bad price, but no way was I buying it after that. My mom had also wanted to look at MOB dresses, but we didn't do that either. My 2 younger sisters were w/ me, who would obviously be getting married in the next few years whose business she could have gotten. humble opinion is that she needs an attitude adjustment badly. I'm sorry this is so long, but I am just furiuos that she could treat us like that. I highly recommend no one ever steps foot into that store.


At 3:44 PM, February 07, 2011, Blogger Michael said...

I purchased a mother of the groom dress there and found them to be wonderfulul! Their selection of upscale dresses for the mother of the bride or groom was fantastic. I wish we had taken my daughter there for her proms. I looked through their wedding dress and wished we had shopped there for my daughter in law to be first. Although my daughter in law to be did find an exquisite dress elsewhere. I watch every episode of say yes to the dress with my daughter and her friends and I am in love with fashion of any kind. I highly recommend going to Gallipos. You will find something different than the run of the mill "Davids Bridal/Atlas" everything looks like every other bride!


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