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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vendor grades:

Hall (Knights of Columbus)--A..It was set-up and clean.

Caterer (Mark Durham)--C..The food was great and we got many good responses but there were some problems outside of the actual food that were not good. If you would like more info. Contact me privately.

Cake (Eston’s)--A++...I loved the cake it was VERY delicious and since we didn’t have everyone come that RSVPed Kyle and I got the entire top tier to eat. Exton’s will re-make your top layer for your first anniversary.

DJ (Ultimate Nights)--C..He did what he came to do which was keep the party going but my husband is a Huge music person and took DAYS working out the play list exactly as he wanted it and they didn’t play most of the songs we had on the list.

Church (St. Joseph’s of Sylvania)--A+..gorgeous and the ceremony looked beautiful. If you have a chance or are thinking of getting married in a church, I suggest St. Joe’s

Florist (Bartz-Viviano)--A+..The flowers were beautiful and held up well all day. We used Gerber daisies and everyone was insistent that they would not last the night but they did and I still have my bouquet.

Make-up (Macy’s/Clinique)--A+...Robyn at Macy’s did an excellent job on my make-up and it last all day. The mascara lasted two through showers, Jacuzzi and swimming.

Hair (Studio of Hair Design)--A+...The lady that did my hair has been doing my hair for 8 years and she did a great job I looked wonderful, it was off my neck and I felt pretty.

Dress (Lace and Elegance)--A...Had some minor issues but over all it was good working with Lace and Elegance. The issues I did have wee things like no loop for a hook on my dress, one of the hooks on my strap broke, one of the Bm dress was altered wrong.

Photographer (John J. Holshoe)--B....John did a good job from what I can tell thus far (have not seen the final product). He was somewhat unsure of himself and at times stopped us to capture a moment.

Hotel (Clarion)--A...It was clean and it was a place to sleep the night before (not that I did but I could have)
Hotel Wedding night (Belemere)--A...It was very nice and relaxing. We had a pool in our room which was a lot of fun and we enjoyred. The only "problem" we had was that my husband slid intot he pool b/c it is VERY slippery ont he steps and I burned my finger ont he candles that they had int he room. (Both personal clutzy issues but you amy want to be aware)

My advice:

1. Don’t do a cocktail hour--guests leave to early and/or are drunk to early to enjoy.

2. If the DJ asks you to do something, refer him/her to someone who knows what time it is and can make a clear decision (had a slight problem with cake cutting being too early).

3. Enjoy the time it goes excessively fast.


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