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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Minds Eye Imaging

A Minds Eye Imaging
5249 Secor rd Suite 2, Toledo OH 43623 - 419-472-1034


Hi Ladies,

While I was at the bridal show this weekend I sign up for a bunch of the drawings and actually won one!
So, what I won was a $1000 discount certificate for this A Minds Eye Imaging. The problem is I have to book my date with them by March 24.
The company seems really expensive he said there basic day starts at $1,975 which is expensive for a base price and the things that he listed off that were included with that did not seem like much.
After I talked to the guy, I really don't think that I am going to use the certificate because he was really vague and would not give me any price list or any pricing information beyond the $1975 he had already told me.

Please let me know what you thought of the company if you used them.


Be glad you asked the question! Over the summer, I posted the same thing. We wont the 1,000 gift certificate at one of the August shows. We met with him and something just seemed shady so I questioned it on here. Turned out, the majority of the other brides had gotten the same GC. It was def a shady situation. We never called him back and we haven't heard from him since, oddly. ALTHO, I do get cards from him at all the holidays and my name is spelled wrong on the cards. Nice, huh! Anyways, my post is still out here somewere from when I posted it if you want to check out all the responses.


I also got the same $1000 gift card. The owner called several times, yet I only talked to him one time. I wasn't impressed with the $1000 "prize" considering that their packages were a little pricey (IMO)... We did not go with them for our photographer...


I got the same "prize" and he calls me often to see if I have booked someone. I am not going with them I am using JP photograpy and I am meeting with her on Friday. She seems amazing and I will let you know after we sit down with her if I still love her. Minds Eye does seem very expensive.


I got the same GC too!! I got frustrated with them when they told me I had 2 weeks to decide if I wanted to use it, and then they didn't respond to my emails (questions). I am so glad that I saw this post!


After reading what the othe knotties had posted on here, I am avoided this company at the bridal shows I have been to. On a happy note, at the end of Feb. I booked Wellspring Photography for our wedding and engagement pictures. :)


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