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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hook My Wedding Up

I was desperate to find affordable chair covers and I was excited once I did. The one thing I didn't know is that Kim, the business owner is the biggest you know what on this earth. She ALWAYS had an exccuse for everything. Though this wasn't a big deal, when you arder a sample, you expect the product you order to be the same, right? Not in this case. The sashes for the chair covers we ordered were not the same color of the sample we ordered. Her excuse: "we change the colors so much it might not always be the same." BS!!!! We ordered those samples only a few months before and you changed the color??? We did get or chaircovers, but this lady is just very unpleasant, and a liar!


We had the same issue with Hook my wedding up. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

They sent us the wrong color sashes and chair covers with black splotches on them. We called and asked them to send the correct color and they argued that it is the color we ordered. Fortunately we still had the sample sash and sent them a picture with the sample we ordered vs. the color they sent us! (Moss green vs. fluorescent sea green). They told us they didn't have the color we wanted in stock and that there was nothing they could do for us. No refund either! After we complained they told us they would see us in court! These people are scam artists.


At 7:03 AM, August 09, 2011, Anonymous Stacey said...

Of all the details involved in my wedding - dealing with Elegant Linens was BY FAR the biggest headache.

My husband and I decided to plan EVERYTHING ourselves. A big task, yes, but we had a year and a half so it wasn't as daunting as it could have been.

I first contacted Elegant Linens to find out how to place an order (which can only be done online, though the page would print completely black) and needed a quote based on many different sized linens. The first problem encountered was trying to get a quote on 1 type of linen. I sent them the size 3 times and was having trouble getting any sort of reply from them. After a few ignored e-mails from me, I just told them what I'd pay for it.

Once my order was FINALLY placed, I asked if I could pay in full instead of paying $85 at first and the rest 2 weeks before the wedding. They can't do that as it screws them up somehow. Not a big deal, but would have liked to check it off the list.

My order arrived a week before the wedding, in a box that was so heavy I couldn't move it myself and had to recruit people for help. Not to mention, the box was ripped up 2 sides! Might be the fault of FedEx, but I HAD to send it back in the same box or I might have to pay the shipping.

When I went through the box - it was impossible to tell what linen were what size! There were no labels, everything was haphazardly thrown in the box. Luckily, I was able to finagle everything (by eliminating some of the tables) but I believe I got part of the wrong order as we had to put some round cloths on long tables (I had the contract with me so I KNOW how many I ordered). Again, I can't prove that as there was really no way of telling which linen was which.

The way this company works, you are supposed to receive an e-mail with the return label for FedEx (my wedding was on a Saturday and they HAVE to be mailed back that Monday - we were leaving on our honeymoon and had a friend take care of this for us). I never received an e-mail and had to spend the Friday before my wedding calling Elegant Linens to find out why. She asked me to re-send an e-mail saying I never got it so she would remember to re-issue (which I did WHILE on the phone with her). Once, again, nothing. I e-mailed her telling her that I would send them back billing the recipient because I couldn't worry about it anymore. I then get a lovely e-mail back telling me that I never reminded her! And, miraculously, on Monday at 9am - I got the e-mail. After a bit of run-around for our friend, they were shipped back.

I couldn't let it go, letting her think she was in the right, and forwarded her my original e-mail requesting the re-issue. She still didn't believe me.

DO NOT GO WITH THIS COMPANY unless you want many unnecessary headaches.

I realize this all doesn't seem to be that big of a deal - but believe me, when you're planning everything yourself... it is.


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