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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ceremony Location - Erie Street Market
What can I say...I was stressed out all year about the place possibly closing and the concerts they just starting. Being in New York, it made it even harder to focus and I decided not to let myself stress and just go with it. I have to say that I'm glad I did. The day before the wedding the forecast called for ALL DAY RAIN. This was difficult because the ceremony was supposed to be held in my parent's backyard and the chairs and a tent for me to walk out of was all set up. Fortunately my DOC had everything covered and was able to move all of the chairs from my backyard to the market. One of the matience guys was nice enough to help her organize everything and set it all up the morning of the wedding. The room looked beautiful after it was decorated, and it turned out to be a great ceremony. They even gave us the vacant room across the hall to get ready in. Though the restrooms look like something you might see in a public high school, my bridesmaids were able to decorate them and make them look pretty.

Officiant - Susan Spackey
Susan was great. She customized our ceremony to fit us and did a wonderful job. She is also very organized and has a really nice sopeaking voice.

Reception Location - Erie Street Market-Civic Center Promenade
Well, as stated above, the night tured out great. My husband was complaining about a light (bright spotlight type of light) being on and no one could seem to figure it out. That was the biggest complaint we had. Also, the room is VERY large so music could easily ehco if the equiptment is not set up properly. I don't recall having any problems with the sound though.

Caterers - Chef Robert Rosencrantz
My parents got calls from their friends for days after the wedding complimenting the food. It was great!

Cake Creator - Cake Arts Supply
I cannot recommend Cake Arts. My cake looked nothing like the picture I sent them and one of the flavors was wrong. The cake was set up so you could see the cardboard between the layers which should be sealed with icing. I was also supposed to have a swiss dot pattern on the cake (which I personally spoke with Dorothy the week before about) and all it had was some slopped on icing with dents from the rain hitting the icing. They were also supposed to put the flowers on the cake and they failed to do that, so my DOC, with no reference picture, put them on herself. My mom called to complain and spoke to Dorothy's daughter who informed he that her daughter was the one who set up the cake and she had never done it before. Nice! No apology and no call from Dorothy to apologize or anything. Total disappointment!

Florist - Blossom Designs
Shelly has good quality flowers, but she didn't listen to what I wanted. I sent her pictures and she told me I sent her a pic of red me they looked pink! She was able to change the order and get me the pink I wanted, but my mom had to call and plead with her. After telling her I want yellow lillies with orange, pink, and purple accents, I ended up with orange lilies. It's not the end of the world, but yellow was the main color. I was disappointed with that too. Emery's did my centerpieces...see review below.

Photographer - Sarah J. Guess
Sarah and her assistant were awesome! By the end of the night I felt Sarah was a new friend. She does amazing work and I couldn't recommend her enough!

Videographer - Full Zoom Productions
I am still waiting for my DVD with the wedding footage, but they were there recording everything from our vows to the drunken dancing that happened later in the evening. They put together our photo montage and played it during the reception. It was a big hit, so hopefully the video is just as good!

Disc Jockey - Takin Care of Business
This company is owned by Chef Bob's wife. She was supposed to be our DJ that night, but without explaination, she wasn't. It wasn't a big deal because our DJ played all of our songs and kept people on the dance floor.

Transportation - Birmingham Limo
Bob was out limo driver and he was awesome! We had 2 bottles of champagne included in our package and he poured it as soon as we were about to step into the limo. I highly recommend Birmingham!

Invitations - Simple Elegance
Jenny was awesome to work with. I designed my invites myself but couldn't find the means to put the pocketfolds together at a reasonable price. She was able to do that for me. She sent me proofs until the invites were perfect. She does great work!

Rental Company - American Rent All
They came and said up the chairs and tents when they were supposed to so I have no complaints

Jeweler - Zales
They cracked my e-ring while it was being resized. I did not notice it was cracked until I was looking for bands and a guy at another jewelry stored showed me the crack. We took it in to have it fixed and when they returned it to me, a diamond on the side was crooked. This was unacceptable. I sent my ring back in and they called me to tell me they couldn't do anything and it needed to be replaced. I have a newer ring with better quality diamonds, but I probably wouldn't buy anything else there.

Tuxedos - President Tuxedo
Men looked great, prices were great!

My Dress - Highlight Studio
I tried on a Maggie Soterro dress in Monroe, Michigan and thought it might be the one. A few weeks later, while back in NYC, I found out about a place that sells the dresses for cheap. I went and bought it for almost $200 less. Though her English is not the best, Carol is great to work with and calls you constantly to give you updates on the status of your dress.

Bridesmaid Dresses - House of Brides
We were able to order the last minute dresses from here and they came in early and in perfect condition. They also saved my girls some money which was great!

Hair Stylist - Salon Hazelton
The salon is laid out kinda funny and the place is pretty small. They did a great job on my hair but I think they are on the pricier side.

Makeup Artist - Missy Bevier
Missy is a friend of my SIL and was "hired" to do my makeup last minute. She has the warmest heart and is great to work with. She did makeup for 3 of my BM and they all looked HOT! She'll give you what you want and her makeup lasts...well at least until you get cake in your eyes! Contact me if you want her info. She is good and affordable and will come to your location!

Wedding Coordinator - Melissa Lohr-My Beautiful Memory
Melissa was the shining star of the day. As mentioned above she was able to set up my ceremony site last minute without a single sign of worry. She also qued us all the way through the reception when we couldn't hear the DJ and made sure the Bride and Groom and all of their family members were happy. After the wedding she stayed and removed and counted all of the chair covers and everything else that we left lying around! She literally worked her butt off! I honestly don't know what we would've dome without her! She is a lifesaver! I defiantely recommend her to anyone.

Honeymoon Destination - Royal Decameron Beach Resort and Casino
Beautiful resort, beautiful country. For a honeymoon I would probably recommend an adults only resort. We had our room changed because of loud kids in the room above us, but they were just everywhere. The adult only pool was our saving grace. The jungle boat tour was the highlight of our trip. We were able to feed wild monkeys from our was CRAZY!

Other Vendor - Emery's
I went to Emery's a little over a month before the wedding, stressed out about my centerpieces. The owner (Ken, I think) was able to give me ideas and gave us what we wanted at a great price. The one disappointing thing was the quality of the rose petals he gave us. They were browning on the edges and shriviling up. He charged us a lot for them too which I didn't quite understand...

Other Vendor - Hook My Wedding Up
I was desperate to find affordable chair covers and I was excited once I did. The one thing I didn't know is that Kim, the business owner is the biggest you know what on this earth. She ALWAYS had an exccuse for everything. Though this wasn't a big deal, when you arder a sample, you expect the product you order to be the same, right? Not in this case. The sashes for the chair covers we ordered were not the same color of the sample we ordered. Her excuse: "we change the colors so much it might not always be the same." BS!!!! We ordered those samples only a few months before and you changed the color??? We did get or chaircovers, but this lady is just very unpleasant, and a liar!


At 1:57 PM, January 24, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had the same issue with Hook my wedding up. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

They sent us the wrong color sashes and chair covers with black splotches on them. We called and asked them to send the correct color and they argued that it is the color we ordered. Fortunately we still had the sample sash and sent them a picture with the sample we ordered vs. the color they sent us! (Moss green vs. fluorescent sea green). They told us they didn't have the color we wanted in stock and that there was nothing they could do for us. No refund either! After we complained they told us they would see us in court! These people are scam artists.

At 5:54 AM, January 28, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh no!! I was so excited about finding someone cheap! Do you think it would be alright if I just order plain white linens from them?


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