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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Vendor Reviews

I didn't post very much during my engagement, but I did do a LOT of lurking and you ladies really helped me out with the whole process. Now that my wedding is past I wanted to post my vendor reviews to hopefully provide some help for brides to be.

DJ - Takin Care of Business A+
Our DJs were Jordan and James and they did an awesome job at a great price. 100% professional and I could not have asked for more. They had every song anyone requested and even brought along lighting to add to the atmosphere.

Photog - Sarah J Photography A+
Loved her!! I can't say enough good things about Sarah, she is just awesome. You can really tell that she loves weddings and it shows in her work.

Flowers - Sharry's Touch A
Sharry did a great job at an unbelievable price. The flowers were beautiful.

Cake - Wixey's Bakery B
The cake tasted and looked great, I just felt like it was a struggle getting there. Their customer service was a little lacking, it sometimes took over a week to get a phone call returned. But in the end everything turned out great.

Ceremony and Reception - Tamaron C
Things defiantly didn't go as smooth here as I thought they would. Everything went great up until the loss of having Mandy and Stacy run the events. The new event coordinator seemed very unorganized and made us feel like she always had somewhere better to be, like our wedding was an inconvenience to her. The day of, hardly anything was placed out like it should have been and my family had to spend a lot time helping get the room ready. This was all suppose to be done by Tamaron. All the manager had was excuses on why things were not done, no responsibility. She didn't even take action on things that were pointed out to her as being wrong, she just kind of shrugged it off.

I will say that the food, wait staff, and bartenders were great. I really hope that Tamaron does all they can to keep this staff the same for future brides.

If you would like my full review of Tamaron you can email me at jennirose113@
and I will be happy to provide you with more details.


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