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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Atlas Bridal - Dress
4895 Monroe St # 101 Toledo, OH 43623 (419) 474-9119

We had great service from Atlas. Very helpful with my dress and BM dresses. We went back about 6 times looking for BM dresses and new styles that were out. I ordered shoes from there that came in dirty and didn't fit and they took them back no problem - cash back.


Honestly...I was not that thrilled when I went there. Not in the service, that was great. It was the selction of dresses, I was looking for something a little different from what they had. The dresses I saw where very tradional and I was not looking for that.


I liked Atlas. My mom and I just showed up on a Wednesday night, and they were really nice and helpful. I wasn't overly impressed with their selection, though.


Bridemaid Dresses were from Atlas Bridal. 419) 474-9119
I had a good experience with them. Nothing amazing that would say i
would only use them but nothing bad that would keep me away. Dresses
came in just as we expected without a problem

I went to Atlas Bridal to order my dress today and had fantastic service! They even talked my mom into wearing a dress, she wanted a pant suit. Just wanted to share my excellent service with everyone


I bought my dress and the bridesmaid dresses here. I had great service everytime I went in for alterations. I was dissapointed that my dress was still too big the day of. I had it taken in a few weeks before and tired it on the Monday before and it fit fine. The day of, it was big. That was probably my doing. The girls loved the bridemaid dresses.


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At 7:53 AM, May 30, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been to Atlas bridal 3 times and had a different experience each time. I was only looking for bridesmaid dresses. The first time I just took my MOH and we got a little help they gave us a changing room and wrote down the dresses we liked on a card to keep on file. The second time I went I took 3 of my bridesmaids to look around and we got barely any help had to continuely ask for a changing room. The first two times we didn't have an appointment. The last time I went we went looking for MOB dresses and we had made an appointment and didn't get any help what so ever. I was very disappointed


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