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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Decorative Sound - DJ
211 Colony Rd Rossford, OH 43460 (419) 666-2028

We had Chuck that night who was great. Very helpful getting the bridal party drinks and kept the night moving. The dance floor was PACKED the whole night. Good mix of music everyone liked. Very good company overall to work with.


We actually had Chuck as our DJ. Mike was great to work with during the planning process and when we met with him to go over the final plans he was really into it and had a lot of good options for us depending on what music we liked and what we wanted. Chuck did a great job at the reception keeping people on the dance floor and keeping everything moving. He even suggested the anniversary dance because we were "ahead of schedule" and I think our guests really liked it. He also came up to the dinner table before and during dinner to get the bridal party any drinks or anything else they needed. Above and beyond in our book!


I just love the Decorative Sound – they are so great! They really know how to do a job well! Michael was incredible – offering extra advice on misc. wedding things, recommending songs and ideas. Michael even saved the day by finding the song for the Father/Daughter dance, which was on a special ordered CD that had gotten misplaced – after a frantic phone call by me on the day of, he came through like a gem. Now that is going beyond the call of duty. Michael did his job with professionalism and poise. He played great music and coordinated things seamlessly. Michael ended by surprisingly playing our special song, which of course brought tears to my eyes… how thoughtful. And he also gave us a gift of a CD with a variety of songs from our wedding day – a great memento of our special day.


This is a somewhat mixed review. I still do promote that DS is one of the best in Toledo area to use. But dh and I gave our dj a specific list of MUST PLAY songs that was enough songs to fill 5 hours of reception dance time. Not only were many of the songs left out but they were filled with songs that we dispise! At one point the dj went to a wedding guest and said-I ran out of songs to play from their must play list, what should I play next. This is horribly shocking to me, they come highly recommended and I do recommend them, but be sure that they play what you wanted. DH and I were very specific in each meeting to only follow our list. So this is not by any means our fault. The CD that was made for us as a remembrance of our wedding day contained songs that were not even played at the wedding, let alone on our must play list!


used Brian from Ultimate Nights. He was fantastic!! People still comment on the music. He kept the evening flowing perfectly all night. A couple of my favs about him:

1. the Party Book he sends you lets you customize your music down to the very last song if you want (this was the selling point for DH)

2. If someone requests something inappropriate or on your "do not play" list, he tells them he doesn't have it

3. If the song was questionable in taste, he came to me to ask if it was okay to play. He asked if he could play "Mony, Mony" LOL, of course "Get laid, get ..."

4. he is super-fast with returning emails, and let me tell you, as the wedding got close I had a MILLION questions for him :)


We used Mike from Decorative Sound, and he was absolutely amazing. He was phenomenal to work with throughout the entire process, and he was extremely professional. Our dance floor was packed the entire night, and he stuck firmly to our do not play list. He helped guests find their tables, helped people take their gifts to the gift table, met us as soon as we arrived with water, and made sure we had drinks and anything else we needed throughout the night. I can not say enough great things about him.


He did both my ceremony and reception music and all the guests were very impressed. Mike is very professional and pleasant to work with and really knows his music! He played exactly what I wanted and reads the crowd extremely well. You may be able to find DJ that have a little lower price tag, but this is definitely an area not to skimp. Whomever you get be sure you do a lot of research and get many recommendations.


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At 2:07 PM, May 07, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horrible company. We called to ask questions about reserving them for our wedding since the four emails we wrote over a months span went unanswered and we had to book a DJ. Mike answered the phone with "WHAT" and my fiance said hello? and he goes what do you want. My fiance went ahead and asked him questions and he answered everything with " we are the best in toledo, everyone reccomends us". when my fiance asked what his rates were and he replys with "well do you want the cheapest or the best?" My fiance couldn't take it anymore and said he had to go and refused to even pay him a cent to be at our wedding.

My photographer had reccommended us to him and we tol dher of our experience, she saw him bowling the next week and asked what had happened, he said he was mad a another DJ and thought it was him calling on a private line. Fine but why no apology she asked. He replied " why apologize I am the best and I am going to book that date anyways I don't need them". If you want a man who truly acts like an arrogant jerk go fo r this company. It is horrible business practice to not even aplogize after you mess up!

At 3:25 PM, September 02, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, so I have to post this because "Supposedly" Decorative Sound is the "best DJ in town" I can't tell you how many times I have heard this from vendors while planning my own wedding...well let me tell you not only did I not use him at my wedding basically because when I met him I his personality was extremely fake and very cocky about how he was so great blah, blah, blah...meanwhile I'm like "you're a DJ, get over yourself..." But, now I have proof that his is absolutely NOT the best in town!! I was the matron of honor in my best friends wedding and Mike from Decorative Sound, talk about rude...he was extremely rude to all members of the bridal party, yet put on a smiley face for the bride and groom of course. Yelled at guests to "MOVE" (in a very rude way) while they were watching the bride dance on the dance floor. He also cut the mike on a groomsman speech at the end of the night which was horrible since the groomsman had planned on this speech and had it approved before the wedding. Also, several of the "older" guests complained that they couldn't dance to his music and wondered why there wasn't more of a variety. Also, during dinner, Mike played a dinner music CD, which was okay, but he disappeared and was no where in sight when the bridal party had a question for him. Also, a groomsmen said he saw that he had brought a flask to the basically this company and Mike who owns the company are NOT the best in town. My DJ was much better, and much more reasonable in price. BTW - I used Ultimate Nights - highly reccomed they were great and even people who attended my wedding and my friends wedding told me.."I liked your DJ much better!"


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